How this journey began

On an adventure overseas.

I am a Wisconsin Badger Alumni, native of Sheboygan, living in Italy. My journey is typical yet one of a kind. I studied abroad, fell in love, moved overseas and loved it. This story sounds familiar and cliche’ but it was a turning point in my life and has sent me on a journey I could have never imagined.

After a summer spent in Florence, I graduated with a double major in Italian and Psychology and the only thought on my mind was how to get back to Italy. I was accepted into a Master’s program for Communication and Developmental Psychology in Milano at the Universit√† Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.¬† My studies and adventures here in Italy lead down an unexpected path.

It began with me tasting everything possible- from the typical Margherita pizza & pasta with pesto to super-aged mountain cheeses, octopus, Sicilian scacce, bottarga and everything that isn’t even on the menu back in the US. From here my passion for unique, locally produced, regional and most importantly delicious food began. From that point on, a snowball effect was put in motion down the slope towards more conscious buying and eco-awareness about the foods we buy and consume. Italy has changed my palate but also has also opened my mind and refined my ideas about health, diet & lifestyle.

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