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To all the Divas out there: 10 reasons to switch to the diva cup

May 30, 2018

Ok, so this topic can be scary for some people (*cough* MEN *cough*) so this one is specifically for all the ladies out there.

There has been a lot of hype in the past few years about the menstrual or period cups. Here are 10 reasons that switching to a menstrual cup is really worth it.

  1. SAVE MONEY: No more buying tampons and pads for approx. 30-40 years of your life. The average menstrual cup costs 25-30$ depending on the brand.  Compare that with buying a pack of tampons a month at 5 dollars each.
  2. STOP WORRYING ABOUT TSS: using a menstrual cup cuts your chances of Toxic shock syndrome. That’s definitely a plus.
  3. ZERO WASTE & SUSTAINABLE: Think of how many millions of women live on this earth and how many ga-gillion pads and tampons go into landfills every year. One average woman uses 1 tampon every 6 hours = 4 tampons per day x 5 days of a period = 20 tampons per cycle = more than 9,000 tampons for 35 years of periods . Menstrual cups on the other hand last up to 10 years. Ecologically this is the obvious choice!
  4.  LONGER TIME BETWEEN CHANGES: It is necessary to change tampons and pads much more frequently. Depending on your period, menstrual cups can be left alone for up to 12 hours.
  5. NO EMBARRASSING STRINGS OR STICKY FLAPS: The menstrual cup is literally invisible. You’ll never have to feel embarrassed or worry about those pesky strings and flaps that go along with using pads or tampons.
  6. AVOID THE POSSIBLE CHEMICALS: Tampons may be ridden with nasty things that we would never want for our lady parts. The cotton-blend used to make tampons is likely treated with chemicals when they are made. Menstrual cups on the other hand are made from medical grade silicone.
  7.  GREAT FOR TRAVELING: When you have a 10 hour flight the menstrual cup is great. You most likely won’t have to change it. You don’t have to pack tampons or plan for how many you need in your carry on. One less thing to think about on your travel day and vacation!
  8. WORK OUT WITH NO WORRIES: It’s leak free and won’t irritate you during a workout. So go ahead and kill it in the gym.
  9. IT’S NOT THAT SCARY OR GROSS: I’ve heard a lot of people react to menstrual cups saying “that’s so gross”, “I don’t want to see the blood” or  “no way would I ever be able to use that”.  But why? Is it any different than using pads, or inserting tampons? If anything it’s less gross, more hygienic, and way simpler.Yes, you’ll have to get used to it, but once you do it is really a game changer.
  10. MAKES LIFE EASIER:  After getting used to using a menstrual cup, it will become so easy you will wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner. So what are you waiting for? Check it out for yourself! Some brands of menstrual cups are:

Have you ever tried using or do you already use a menstrual cup? What do you think?

Author: Ali @ Sustainable Psyche

My name is Ali. I am an American living in Italy. I am passionate about delicious food that is also ethical, healthy and sustainable. I love pasta and pizza, traveling, horseback riding and exploring the vibrant city of Milan that I call home.

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