What is Sustainable Psyche?

Sustainable Psyche essentially means Sustainable Soul. Life is a journey that takes us on many soul searching adventures that help us to understand who we are. My mission is to help people to rekindle the embers of this psyche that we tend to forget about in the bustle of daily life. How can I become a Sustainable Psyche? Here’s a few basic ideas that reoccur throughout this website.

  1. Going back to a simpler life.
  2. Learning to get our hands dirty by creating, cooking and producing.
  3. Divulging in a lifestyle that is genuine.
  4. Nourishing ourselves with wholesome real-time experiences that don’t involve social media.

And why the winged logo?
My name is Ali, and in Italian this directly translates to ‘wings‘. I have chosen wings to represent my journey to becoming a more sustainable soul because the rush we feel as we stand on the edge isn’t caused by the fear of falling, but rather the desire to take flight. Either you can stand and do nothing, or spread your wings, take the leap and and soar for that which you believe in.  Who’s with me?