Here we go! Are you ready to settle in and get started on your yoga journey? This class will offer a short intro about this course and where it will lead. We will set intentions and then dive into a nice and gentle practice.

In this class we will begin working on our Foundation Sequence. Starting from one of the most adored mini flows in Yoga: the Sun Salutations.

As the name suggests, this will be a fiery and bold class. Think strong legs! We will explore the techniques of the various Warrior poses including: Warrior 1, 2, 3 & Reverse Warrior.

As we build up our Foundation Sequence we will go in depth into forward folds. The alignment and correct approach to Uttanasana, Wide Legged Forward fold, Triangle and Pyramid will be explained so that a deep stretch can be experienced.

This class is all about equilibrium. We will play with poses like Tree, Eagle, Dancer, Utthita Hasta Padagusthasana A&B and discover our balance by rooting strongly into our foundation.

Open Hearts. The theme of this class is to safely access backbends without compromising our lower backs. To do so we will concentrate on opening our chests, lifting our hearts in order to perform some backbend poses like Camel, Bow and Wheel.

Arm Balances are probably some of the most exciting yoga poses- just because there is always a new one to strive for. Here we will work on proper wrist warm ups that will allow us to go in depth on how to enter poses like Crow, Side Crow and Eight Angle. Even if you may be intimidated by arm balances, plenty of modifications will be offered.

This class will add a twist (literally) to our Foundation Sequence. The importance of and proper execution of twists is the focus here.

Pelvis mobility, hip flexors, PSOAS: All points of focus of this flow. Many of us spend a lot of time seated for work each day and this class will help us to open up and allow for more flexibility in our hips while learning poses like Pigeon, Lizard, Crescent Lunge & Cow Face Pose.

The ever intimidating Inversion class. Did you know that any pose where your head is lower than your heart is an inversion? Yup, that means Down Dog is an inversion. This class will explore some techniques to building the confidence to add inversions safely in your practice.

A whole class dedicated to Savasana?!? You betcha! Now that we have forged a strong foundation it is important to understand the true meaning of savasana and the benefits it offers. After a shorter flow we will proceed into a yummy Yoga Nidra practice where savasana is the star.