All courses are 1- time purchases and are downloadable allowing you to go at your own pace & to repeat at any time.

Forging Your Foundations is a course aimed at those just starting their yoga journey or those wishing to go deeper in their personal yoga practice.

This course will offer step by step guidance in order to correctly practice the most beloved asanas including arm balances & inversions. Modifications for each asana will be offered to accommodate all levels.

We dive into our foundation sequence with 11 classes. Each 60-minute class takes on a no frill, whimsical approach. Life is too short to take yoga too seriously. Right?

We all have stress, every day. Sometimes it seems to take over. Letting Go is a course designed to help us cope with a hectic world and to find peace of mind. Are you looking for an outlet for anxiety or stress?

Letting Go is an all level course made up of 10 45 minute classes. Ideal for anyone seeking to find profound relaxation and release of anxiety, anger & fear, paving a path that leads towards a quiet mind and happy soul.

Mindful Meditation is a course made up of a series of 10 short and sweet mediations and pranayama exercises. We will cover the basics of mindfulness, various breathing techniques and how to introduce meditation into daily life.

Dedicate a moment of quality breath and repose for yourself.

This 60 minute live class is offered every Tuesday at 7:15pm Central Standard European Time. (12:15pm CST USA)

Each week we will explore a different theme. Classes vary between different styles including Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin.

Price: 10€ a person per class.